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We are the union of traditional brazilian "churrascarias" with an authentic and sophisticated steakhouse.

In Gran Steak, the cuts don´t come in skewers and we don´t have a salad bar.

Our steaks come from premium breeds of British cattle from the best suppliers, references in quality.

The cuts will arrive at your table grilled to perfection, to be sliced ​​in front of you.

The salads will come individually, chosen from a menu, preserving the freshness and quality of the food.

As side dishes we offer risottos, brazilian "coalho" cheese, the traditional "Gaucho" salad (owner´s grandmother's recipe) and other options that will make your experience unforgetable.

And all included in a fixed price*, with no limit on quantity.

(excludes drinks, desserts and the gratuity off service - 10%).



Step 1
Enjoy our delicious choise of appetizers, made daily by our chefs.

Step 2
Choose you salad. All served individually, and made just-in-time of your order.

Step 3
Now it´s time of the stars of your meal: our steaks! Enjoy the high quality of our cuts, along with our side dishes.

Sit back, drink a wine and relax.
You are our guest!

Torrar Vinho
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